About Mounting Solar Panels On the Roof 2015-12-02

These days,many people want to install the solar panel on the roof in order to make their life more convenient. Actually,without the professional assistance,it is not hard to learn how to mount solar panels on the roof. Some people think that they can hire an installation expert to do the work,which can be quite expensive. If you do the work by yourselves,you can save a lot of money. Before installing the panels,there are some components you must have,such as adjustable solar mounting brackets. So now do you want to know some specific steps of mounting solar panels? Do not worry! Here are some steps.

Sunrack adjustable solar mounting brackets

First of all,you should start by deciding what type of solar panel installation job you want to do. One can install the panels flush on the roof, install them at an angle or install a adjustable roof mount device first and then install the panels on this device. The last option is the best, as it enables a homeowner to adjust the angle so that the panels will always get as much sun as possible. Next, you will need to determine where you want your solar panels installed. In order to get the most out your panels, you will need to install them on the part of the roof that gets the most sunlight. You will want to install them facing towards the east, as the sun rises in the east. If there are trees blocking the sun from hitting the eastward side of the roof, then these should be trimmed back.

The panels must be attached to the rafters so that they will remain steady and in place. Once you have found the rafters using either a laser light or stud finder, you will want to make a chalk marking to note where each mount should be placed. A person will then need to pre-drill the hole and install the mounts using stainless steel lag bolts. Be very careful as you do this, as you do not want the rafters to crack or break. Once you have put in the mounts, you will need to put in metal flashing over the mounts and seal the mounts with tar. You will then need to secure the metal rails to the mounting posts. If your roof is tiled, you will need to cut a hole into the tile so that the tile can be properly fitted over the mounting bracket.

A homeowner who has a solar panel battery should then connect it to the installed panels. Then, the only job that will need to be done is to connect the panels to the inverter. While solar panel installation is relatively straightforward, electrical wiring is not and one may want to have this aspect of the work done by a professional.

From the above,we can know some steps of installing solar panels. Some peolpe may feel that learning how to mount solar panels on your roof is time well spent, as you save a lot of money that would have been spent hiring a professional to do the work. Besides,purchasing the right tools is also very significant,which includes a drill, wrench, tar and heater and a stud finder and so on. It takes some time to install the solar panel. But it is worthi doing it. Remember to make sure your panels are installed securely and get as much energy as possible. More information at sunforson.

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