SFS-CP-05 SunRack Carport Mounting System 2018-09-16

Sunforson's SFS-CP-05 single row carport mounting adopts triangle supporting structure technology, which is very strong and secure. With full aluminum alloy and SS 304 bolts&nuts material,it is with concise and beautiful appearance.It is quite easy and fast installation without any welding in the site.

Carport Mount Specification

Installation Site: Open ground

Installation Angle: 5° or 10° or 15°

Building Height: 2.0~3.5m

Wind Load: Up to 60m/s

Snow Load: Up to 1.4KN/m2

PV Modules: Framed or Frameless Panel

Module Orientation: Horizontal or vertical

Module Width: Any Size

Standard: CE&NZS1170

Warranty: 10 years on material

Products Strengths of Sunforson technology

1. Quick installation, saving schedule: Sunforson PV systems have produced the assembly parts in advance with the professional design,so they can be quickly assembled no drilling or welding on site.

2. Professional design, lower costs: Products were designed by the experienced designers which have the systematic design,stable structure,mature technology,can meet the AS/NZS 1170 and save cost for the customers..

3. Load design, Safety Guarantee: Sunforson PV bracket system design take full account of component weight,combine factors of wind,snow and earthquake load,dynamic load and static load,they have long-term performance and high load capacity in practical applications.

4. Beautiful Appearance: In order to make SunRack Carport become a beautiful building,the bracket system adopt the unique rail design can come up to the unique appearance design,they also have a good rain proof performance.

5. High reliability, 10-year quality Assurance: All components are made of quality extruded aluminium and stainless steel.The high corrosion resistance guarantees the maximum possible lifespan and is also completely recyclable.

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