Asphalt Shingle Roofs Solar Mounting Rack 2018-06-20
When we install solar racking system on asphalt shingle roof, the most important waterproof function should be taken into consideration.
SunRack asphalt shingle plate group is widely applied for asphalt shingle roof solar panel structure. It highlights waterproof and durable, also compatible for most of other roof racking system. Sunforson use the slider widget with concise and beautiful appearance, and solid structure. It is easy to install and can ensure the reliability of the satisfaction load with the practical material.

SunRack asphalt shingle plate group Specification
Installation Site: asphalt shingle roof
Structural materials: anodized aluminum 6005-T5
survival wind speed:60m / s
Applicable Temperature: -50 ° ~ 100 °
material property: corrosion resistance
Design Standards: IBC&AS / NZS 1170

Life: Design Life for 25 years, quality assurance for 10 years

Solar Racking System

Product Strengths of Sunforson technology
1. Quick installation: The shingle plate group is made up of a certain number of accessories (assembly parts have improved) without drilling or welding process. It can be easily installed with the unique design, and it can reduce the installation process, improve the efficiency of installation.
2. Professional design, lower costs: Product is designed by experienced designers, to meet the IBC and AS / NZS 1170 , with mature process, stable structure, systematic design.
3. High Accuracy: Without the need for extra cutting, the use of our unique panel system extending allows the system to be installed with millimeter accuracy.
4. Maximum Lifespan: All components are made of quality extruded aluminum .The high corrosion resistance guarantees the maximum possible lifespan and is also easy to recycle completely.

5. Guaranteed Durability: Sunforson provides a guarantee of 10 years on the durability of all components used. 

Solar Mounting Rack

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