Foundation for Ground Mounting 2015-10-22

Today,many young people choose to install concrete based ground mounting. And in this article,a brief overview will be provided about choosing the best foundation for solar panel mount. Sometimes,people can be confused because of so many options. Do not worry,this article will help you make an informed decision after reading it.

Sunrack concrete based ground mounting

For ground mounting, the success of your solar panel support structure largely depends on the of foundation selection. Hence, it becomes very necessary that you should go for the foundation that is both long lasting and cost effective. The lack of proper investigation of the subsurface conditional can lead to the selection of the wrong foundation type, which may result in the loss of your hard-earned money.

Prior to installation of ground mounting solar panels, the site should be checked by digging test pits at about 2-10 locations for each megawatt of installation. The test pits are not expensive and the entire site can be completed in one day with one or two men and one small piece of machinery such as a mini excavator. You should dig these pits at the corners of the array and then evenly throughout. A complete Geotechnical study should also be done by a firm which will rope in a limited number of test bores noting soil type, water table, refusal.

If the site contains loose sand a high water table or very slow soil cohesiveness, then the preferable foundation type will be helical pile foundation. A helical pile is a post shape with a pointed bottom and a large split disc near the bottom welded onto the post at an angle such that when the post is rotated the split disc will worm its way into the ground. The helical pile is the ideal option of foundation in the ground mounted solar panels.

SunRack concrete base ground mounts is a highly versatile ground mounted solution that can be widely applied in commercial and utility installations. With patented components, SunRack Solar ground mounts saves installer considerable amount of time and presents you with great marketing edge over your competitors. We are a leading solar mounting product supplier, specialized in developing and manufacturing SunRack brand solar mounting system. More information at sunforson.

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