Installing Your Own Solar Panels 2015-11-18

In our daily life now,solar panels are necessary. But when it comes to installing solar panels,you maybe get into trouble. Because you need to where to mount them. These days,roof solar mounting systems and ground screw solar mounting are the main ways of installing the solar panels. That is to say,you install it either in your backyard or on the roof. Most people seem to opt for the roof since the panels are out of the way. Which one?Here is a detailed plan.

Sunrack pitched roof solar mounting system

When we talk about the roof mounting for solar panels,the first consideration is the angle of your roof. If it is not too flat, you can mount the panels on the plane of the roof and this is the easiest and most pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint. If the angle of your roof matches your latitude you are in perfect shape. Plus or minus 10-15 degrees will also work, but with a larger variation or a flat roof, you will need to build racks that will angle your panels.


The next consideration is the type of roof since you don't want to go to all the trouble to install a solar system and then have a leaky roof. A composition or metal roof are pretty easy to install since a little roofing compound will keep out the water, but if you have a concrete or tile roof, you better have a good roofer help with the installation.


Ground mounting for solar panelsis one of the best ways to mount your panels since you can mount each array on a pole and the vertical angle of the panels can be changed to maximize exposure to the sun as the seasons change.In the spring and fall you should set the panels at an angle equal to your latitude. In the summer set the angle at latitude minus 15 degrees and in the winter at latitude plus 15 degrees. There is a wide range of options from pole mounts to racks that sit on the ground available from solar supply houses.


You can even buy a tracking unit that will follow the sun through the day, however, they are pricey and probably won't produce enough extra power to pay off. You can also build your your own mounts out of locally obtained building materials. One consideration is most local codes require your panels be in a fenced yard, or off the ground at least 8 feet so they are out of reach of the public.


After deciding which way to install the solar panel,the last consideration is to install the wiring and conduit. They are beyond our tasks. In a word,you should take some possible elements into consideration before installing it. At last,when you want to shop the solar mounting products,keep in mind that choosing a reliable supplier. Sunforson specializes in developing and manufacturing SunRack brand solar mounting system. In order to provide fast installation and secure solar mountings,we have released a series of top level PV mounting systems to the market. More details at sunforson.


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