SFS-GM-02A SunRack Ground Screw Mounting System 2017-07-04

Sunforson has developed different series ground screws to meet varied applications. This screw-in foundation system is suitable for most kinds of soil conditions. With unique design on the flange plate of ground screw and mounting feet, the ground screw mounting system can be adjusted in a certain range if there is a little misplace for ground screw, no matter left or right, front and back and even up and down.

Ground Screw Mounting System


Installation Site: Open ground

Panel Dimension: Any Size

Panel Type: Framed or frameless panel

Structural materials: aluminum and galvanized steel

Survival wind speed: Up to 60m / s

Design snow pressure: Up to 1.4KN / m2

Component direction: Vertical or Landscape

Tilt angle: Customized

Design Standards: CE&AS / NZS 1170

Life: 10 years on aluminum material,5 years on Q235

Overview of system components

(2X10 panel mounting system package: Based on Width of panel:1638X982X50mm)

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