Types Of Solar Mounting Systems 2015-09-22

In order to capture more sunlight and generate electricity,mounting systems are very useful. They can be positioned and adjusted to get enhanced output. If the mounting systems are chosen wisely in accordance with your surroundings and needs,they can outperform greatly. In the market,there are some major types of mounting systems and they are roof mount systems,ground mount systems,top-of-pole and side-of-pole. In this article,ground mounting system and roof mount systems are mainly discussed.

SunRack Ground Screw Mounting System


In the past decade, solar energy has emerged as one of the most swiftly raising renewable sources of power generation. Solar energy has various benefits over other forms of renewable resources like non-polluting, abundant, lower maintenance cost, etc. For utilizing this energy, a solar electric system is needed. The main component of this system is solar panels which absorb the solar energy and initiates the whole process of solar power generation. In order to maximize the efficiency of solar panels, selecting a mounting system is a wise choice. Solar panel mounting system is a flexible option and gets better exposure to the sun therefore producing more energy than a non-mounted system. These mounting systems enable solar panel installation on roofs or as part of the structure of the building. They are a great alternative for attaining supreme performance from the solar panels. The more perpendicular the solar panel to the sunrays higher the performance it will be. This can be achieved by either tilting or rotating the panels for solar tracking.


Whether solar panels are mounted on the roof or ground, they need solar panel mounts to support them. However, the type of solar panel mounts and racking will vary depending on where the solar power system will be the installed.


Roof mounting system is the most frequently used mounting system. It is a reasonably priced and easy to install system. It can be tailored for a specific application and provide safeguard from uninvited & unintentional contact. Many people think that solar panel installation on roof can obstruct a house look but they can also be installed out of view. However, it is more depend on the pitch and positioning of one’s roof. Unlike ground mounted systems roof mount systems usually don’t need any additional racking and mounting hardware. But roof mounting system is a good choice as it utilizes the unused space of the roof. Therefore, solar roof doesn’t consume land that could effectively be used for other proposes.


The pitch and positioning is already set in ground-mounted system in a way that it can capture maximum sunlight throughout the year. In these kinds of systems, it is relatively simple to adjust the placement for enhancing the electricity output. Many of us might know that cooler the temperature better will be solar panels perform. Ground mount systems are cooler and they often produce more power than roof mounted systems.


There are all kinds of solar mounting systems online. Therefore,you must learn to choose the one that suit the solar panel best. Besides,ground mounting system and roof mount systems are very convenient for youe life. When you buy them online,you need to be very careful. If you live in areas with high wind considerations,ground mounted is the best option. However, you should avoid using ground mount system if staying in areas with heavy snowfall. More information at sunforson.

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