Company Activity On Dongping Mount 2016-08-20

After the raining of two days before, the air is very fresh, which is just suitable for traveling.

Sunforson team members is divided into two parts at 9 a.m,  one part meeted at Jinshan bus station, and Wo long xiao cheng bus station is the other part. The destination is Meiling on the Dong Ping Mount.

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To get more sleeppeople get up very late in the morningalmost half of the date is in the bed. The resting time is particularly valuable, so few people travel along on the bus on way, which is very crowd at this moment in the weekday. I almost can hear the people snoring in the dream in the buildings on each sides of the road. Two days before the rain wash away the paleness of the city, look brand-new, the trees is greeny. All the way we meet few mountain people, if we late an hour or in the eveningthere will be many cars on both sides, this should thanks for the good plan of our workman.


When we reach to the top of the hillwe arrived at a farmhouse, having a rest first there. The soft music come to our ears with cool wind some colleagues have picked up the prepared cardsa simple popular game, for taking care of some tired people, some hiked to Meihailingsome played and rested here. 

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As a member of a visit to the Meihailing I couldn’t help to covet the beautiful scenery here, she is like a small slope park, lawn has been kept a good protection. It is said that if you come here in the flowering seasonit would be full of all kinds of flower and colorful. We are looking forward to come again next time.

After Meihailing we gathered farmhouse again , with the elegant music we beginning our rich and delicious lunch, in the meantime we are talking, chatting, there is no department, no level, only group communication, everyone here to understand the life of each, to promoted the mutual understanding.


Company group activities increases the understanding between team members participating the activities of entertainment to promote the friendship between working partners, it is good for everyone to know more each other during the process of work,  and make cooperation and communication more smoothly.

  • 太阳能建筑一体化


    阳光支架- 建筑一体化是带有防水功能的几乎适合所有建筑物安装的一体化解决方案。拥有创新设计的轨道,防紫外线橡胶,橡胶卡块及挂钩,阳光支架建筑一体化系统已经成为世界上应用最广泛的建筑一体化支架安装系统。给世界范围的安装者高效及高性价比的体验

  • 压载式平屋顶太阳能支架



  • 单根立柱光伏支架



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