2017 Domestic Solar PV Industry Research Report 2018-03-15

   In 2012, influenced by the anti-jamming cases of photovoltaic in China and Europe, China’s photovoltaic industry suffered huge losses. A large number of enterprises went bankrupt and nearly 300,000 employees were affected. It was a stricken world, and the competitive advantage no longer existed. The installed capacity is 4.28 GW. In order to save the development of the photovoltaic industry, the country subsequently formulated relevant policies and introduced a fixed on-grid tariff system for photovoltaic power generation, laying the foundation for opening the domestic photovoltaic market. Under the guidance of the policy, the installed capacity of PV in 2013 was 12.92 GW, with a growth rate of up to 200%.

    In 2017, China's newly added photovoltaic capacity reached 53.06 GW, accounting for 54% of the world's new installed capacity, and completed the “13th Five-Year Plan” ahead of schedule. The cumulative installed capacity has reached 130.25 GW, photovoltaic power generation has reached 110 billion kWh, accounting for 1.7% of the annual power generation, and new power generation has exceeded 60 billion kWh, which has made a significant contribution to the country’s energy transformation.

    In terms of geographical distribution, the development center for photovoltaic has also gradually shifted to the eastern region. In 2016, there were 9 provinces with newly installed capacity exceeding 1GW. By 2017, the newly installed capacity in the northwest region was 9.74 GW, accounting for about 28% of the country. The new installed capacity in East China was 16.67 GW, accounting for 27.7% of the country; the newly installed capacity in Central China was 10.64 GW. It accounts for 20% of the country; in sharp contrast, the newly installed capacity in the northwest is only 0.062GW, which is a decrease of 36% compared with the same period of last year. Perhaps the photovoltaic power station in the western region has already become saturated, and the market structure is also from the ground-type power station. Turn to distributed photovoltaic.

    Photovoltaic power generation has not only changed the traditional energy structure and effectively alleviated the problems of energy shortage and environmental pollution, but also contributed to China's economic development. Photovoltaic power generation has effectively promoted the integration of the eastern and western regions. The rise of photovoltaic companies in the western region has promoted local economic development and has made significant progress in improving people's livelihood. Through the PV Poverty Alleviation Project, it has reached the precise service of 1.5 million farmers and has also become an effective measure for poverty alleviation in various regions.

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    阳光支架- 建筑一体化是带有防水功能的几乎适合所有建筑物安装的一体化解决方案。拥有创新设计的轨道,防紫外线橡胶,橡胶卡块及挂钩,阳光支架建筑一体化系统已经成为世界上应用最广泛的建筑一体化支架安装系统。给世界范围的安装者高效及高性价比的体验

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